Mitwelt Data Processors Company started its activity in the 1990s with the permission of the SHCI in the field of consulting, design and implementation of various computer networks, and since 2001 as one of the companies active in the field of information and communication technology and production. Manufacturer of various types of Steel towers such as various types of ground and roof telecommunication towers, Steel structures for lighting and traffic, power transmission towers. Providing technical information, design, consulting, installation and commissioning, relying on experienced experts and production machinery, has made this company known as one of the most reputable and reputable companies in the communications industry.

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Telecommunication Tower

Telecommunication Towers are structures that are constructed as a basis for installing various types of antennas for receiving and sending electromagnetic waves. Often, to lighten the tower and reduce its wind level, the tower is made of Steel and lattice. At the same time, sometimes metal telecommunication towers are built with full and non-lattice surfaces, and sometimes they are made of reinforced concrete with full surfaces.

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TeleTower Accessories

It is a set of parts that are used to install the antenna on the main structure of the tower or direct or indirect installation of electrical and electronic equipment on the telecommunications site.Types of antenna bases, telecommunication rack installation equipment, electrical panel installation equipment, awnings, horizontal and vertical ladders are among the accessories of telecommunication towers.

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Polygon Tower

CCTV masts, as their name implies, are used to increase the range of view as well as lack of access to cameras. Usually, these towers are installed in public places such as parks and main streets to increase security and record important and daily events. Of course, these towers can have the necessary performance when the installation cameras in them are of very high quality.

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Completed projects

MDP Solutions

In order to develop various types of wireless telecommunication networks, MDP has provided comprehensive communication solutions with the personalized goals of the relevant organizations. All stages of design, consulting, monitoring, feasibility and needs assessment and providing comprehensive solutions (total solutions) Implementation and optimization of the network for better service is one of the services of this company. Contact us for information on comprehensive MDP solutions tailored to your business.

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