Telecommunication tower

Telecommunication towers are structures that are constructed as a basis for installing various types of antennas for receiving and sending electromagnetic waves. Often, to lighten the tower and reduce its windbreak level, the tower is made of metal and latticed. At the same time, sometimes metal telecommunication towers are built with full and non-lattice surfaces, and sometimes they are made of reinforced concrete with full surfaces. In these cases, the towers are used only as a base for installing the antenna, but by creating uses such as restaurants, city views, game city conference center and the like in different parts of the tower, make it an attractive center. They become tourist and recreational. Metal lattice towers are one of the special and important types of structures in structural engineering. Lattice telecommunication towers with different geometric shapes are designed and built in terms of the shape of transverse and longitudinal sections and the arrangement of their constituent members. Lattice towers are divided into two types: self-standing towers and restrained towers.

TeleTower Types

Roof Top

Roof masts are full-angle masts. These masts are designed and executed in three or four sides, these masts can load up to 700 kg. Roof masts with a height of varying from 9 to 18 meters, from the types of roof masts, we can mention wall masts, tubular masts, etc., click to in addition to the technical specifications of the above product with Get acquainted with its types.

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Green Field

Masts with prefabricated foundations (nicknamed ICB) refers to the types of three- or four-sided self-standing masts that are installed on prefabricated foundations. For the foundation of these masts, prefabricated compact flat concrete pieces have been used, which are emptied at the site and assembled and joined together. Click to get acquainted with the types of the above rigs and its technical specifications.

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