Camera rig

CCTV masts, as their name implies, are used to increase the range of view as well as lack of access to cameras. Usually, these towers are installed in public places such as parks and main streets to increase security and record important and daily events. Of course, these towers can have the necessary performance when the installation cameras in them are of very high quality; Because the height of some of these towers reaches 6 meters and even more, which is effective in recording images.

Camera mast height

As we have said, the main reason for using CCTV towers is their high height. Of course, the height of these towers depends on where we are going to install them. In some cases, to increase the field and angle of view, it is necessary to consider their height up to 6 to 7 meters. Consequently, by increasing the height of the mast, we must also increase the quality of the cameras. Surveillance cameras are offered in two types of ballets and traps, it is better to use livestock models for the towers.

The reason for using livestock cameras is their appearance. These cameras are dome-shaped and can record images at a 360-degree angle. Of course, ballet cameras can also be used, but their viewing angle is a bit limited and they are only suitable for capturing still images. A very important point in installing CCTV towers is how to supply power to the camera. If you are using wired cameras, you will need to pass the wire through the rig body so that it will not be accessible. Because many saboteurs may see these wires, cut them and then work.

Our advice is to use wireless cameras and place the control panel in the guard rooms. This will increase the security of the cameras and prevent them from being interrupted.

Types of CCTV masts

There are different types of CCTV masts, each of which is used in different places depending on their application. These towers are:

Multi-faceted masts

The most important advantage of these rigs is that they are produced in different types and there are no restrictions in this regard. In fact, these rigs are considered as professional rigs and are made by connecting several metals together. Usually, polyhedral masts are shaped into 6 to 8-dimensional rules and, most importantly, conical. The reason for this is to increase their resistance to storms and shocks.

Cube mast

This type of rig, which is produced only up to a height of 6 meters, is suitable for places such as universities and government agencies. These masts are made of low-strength iron profiles or cans. Cube masts are L or T shaped in appearance and are very cheap and cost-effective due to their easy construction.

Modular mast

Modular masts are very suitable in terms of physical strength and are the best choice for stormy places. These towers are used in many green spaces and forest parks that are exposed to direct wind. The appearance of these towers is almost similar to telecommunication towers, but in terms of physical strength, they bear no resemblance to them. Because they are vulnerable to impact and should not be installed in public.

Tube rig

Tube masts should be considered as rugged masts. These towers are very resistant to wind and impact and can be used in many places. The pipe material of these towers is galvanized; Galvanized sheets are sheets that have been placed in the molten zinc during the galvanizing process and have been resistant to impact, scratches, abrasion, oxidation and moisture. Therefore, these towers can be used in all weather conditions. The appearance of pipe masts such as T and L and cover up to 10 meters in height

Important points about surveillance camera mast

Since surveillance camera towers come in a variety of types, we need to buy them with enough information. These days, many middlemen with their destructive actions are trying to disrupt the market of CCTV towers, which unfortunately, many sales companies are selling their goods at a very high price and out of the real price, by riding the wave of high prices.

Therefore, you must be very careful in choosing the store you want. Among the sales centers, there are still reputable and fair stores that meet the needs of the community by selling their products at factory prices. Construction company and several other sales centers separate themselves from economic disruptors and unreliable sales centers and sell all their products at the lowest prices.

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