Here is an excerpt from the work history of MDP Company in different sections:
Special projects

The use of the term specific projects means the assignment of EPC by the employer to the company, examples of which are as follows:

1-1- Consulting, design, sale, installation and commissioning of telecommunication towers and radio communications of Damavand-Firoozkooh axis. 5 year support

Brief description of the project:

Excavation and implementation of the foundation of camera sites
Excavation and construction of 10 foundations of Latis telecommunication tower 30 to 60 meters
Sale, installation and commissioning of radio communication equipment (38 links) from Gaduk to Shargh base located on Tehran-Pardis highway and data transmission under fiber optic network to Rahvar police
Apply settings of different network layers and security on the whole axis
Execution of earthing and fencing system, installation of external rack, installation of power supply in each site
5 year maintenance and maintenance contract

2- Consulting, design and installation of telecommunication towers in Najafabad axis – Daran, Isfahan province, car speed control project – Employer: Sayeran Electro-Optical Industries Company – Year of implementation: 2014 – Duration: 2 months

1-3- Consulting, design, sale, installation and commissioning of cable network and radio communications and telecommunication towers of Amir Kabir University – Year of implementation: 2005-2010

Project Description :
– Installation of various types of roof masts in more than 23 faculties and dormitories affiliated to Amir Kabir University and establishing more than 30 radio links with a bandwidth of at least 20 Mbps and a maximum of 100 Mbps
– 3-year support and maintenance contract
– Consulting, installation and commissioning of the hotspot network of all university dormitories

1-4- Consulting, design and implementation of the internal network and radio communications of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. Client: Art Deputy – Year of implementation 82 – Duration 18 months – Two-year support
Project Description :
– Installation of control tower in Niavaran Cultural Center and Vahdat Hall and establishment of one of the first 5.8 GHz radio communications with a direct distance of more than 13 km
– Design and implementation of internal network of buildings of the Deputy of Art, Visual Arts Center, Performing Arts Center, Music Arts Center, Center for the Development of Art Education, Culture and Art Research Institute, Sangalaj Hall, Niavaran Cultural Center
– Signing a contract for the transfer of Internet service and network support for 2 years

1-5- Execution of phase six project of mobile hub of Khorasan Razavi telecommunication sites – Employer: Khorasan Razavi Telecommunication Company year 93 Project implementation period 3 months
Project Description :
– Excavation and implementation of the foundation and installation of tower 9 of the telecommunication center of the holy city of Mashhad
– Excavation and implementation of grounding hub of the above sites
– Production and installation of NB telecommunication towers with three and four legs in the centers and implementation of grounding feeder and ladder

1-6-Sale, installation and execution of mobile tower of North Yaran oil field. Client: Persia Oil and Gas Development Engineering Company, 93 – Project implementation period 45 days
Project Description :
– Excavation and construction of the foundation located at the border point of Iran-Iraq (Hur al-Azim)
– Execution of rig, feeder and ladder grounding
– Excavation and execution of the foundation of the canopy
– Production and installation of 54-meter telecommunication tower
1-7- Execution of the project of phase six of the mobile hub of North Khorasan Telecommunication sites – Employer: North Khorasan Telecommunication Company in 1993 – Project implementation period 60 days

1-8- Execution of the project of 24 meter four-mast towers of the IRGC security site located in Khash city of Sistan and Baluchestan – year of implementation 92

1-9- The project of purchasing, installing and commissioning its 72-meter static wireless tower. Client: Rasht Fire and Safety Services Organization

1-10- Execution of 60 meter self-standing tower. Client: ICT of Guilan police force

2- Production and sale of telecommunication towers

2-1- Execution of operation of radiating services and elimination of defects of 19 rigs. Client: Rytl Communication Services Company

2-2- Fixing the defects of 20 RDS rig. Client: Rytl Communication Services Company

2-3- Order 50 Nole Pole 9m rig. Client: Rytl Communication Services Company

3-4- Order 30 Nole Pole 12m rig. Client: Rytl Communication Services Company

2-5- Providing a deficit of 30 sets of stencils and anchor bolts. Client: Rytl Communication Services Company

6-2- Sale of 35 lattice masts, micro and monopoly telecommunications in Kurdistan province

7-2- Sale of 7 masts of Latis mast of Ilam Telecommunication Company

8-2- Sale of 63 inhibitory telecommunication towers of the ICT Deputy of NAJA

9-2- Sale of 97 G45 control rods of Saeiran Company

2-10- Project for supplying 830 camera installation towers. Client: Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company

2-11- Supply of 65 ICB masts. Client: Rytl Communication Services Company

2-12 – Supply of 52 mast rods with prefabricated foundation of Iran Mobile Communication Company

2-13- Supplying forty 60 meter Latis masts of Iran Mobile Communications Company

2-14- Supplying 2450 sets of Latis rig mounting company, the first role of quality

The first role of USO 2-15 quality company – Supply of 150 42 and 48 meter rig masts

The company plays the first role in the quality of PDB Stand 2-16 – 300 sets

3- LAN & WAN network implementation

1-3- Launching and supporting Mahan Airlines wireless network

2-3- Launching Saman Bank radio communications

3-3- Sale of equipment and installation and implementation of wireless network of Ayandeh Bank headquarters

Laleh Hotel, Tehran Roaming, 4-3- Sale of equipment and installation of the network

5-3- Establishing radio communications in the Faculty of Aerospace and Mechanics, Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi University

6-3- Establishing radio communications and support for North Tehran Azad University

7-3- Establishing radio communications and support for South Tehran Azad University

8-3- Establishing radio communications and support of the University of Science and Technology

3-9- Support and maintenance services of Amir Kabir University wireless communication system

10-3- Establishing radio communications and supporting Sina Insurance and affiliated branches

11-3- Establishing radio communications and supporting the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication

12-3- Establishment of radio communications and support of the General Directorate of Islamic Propaganda of Qom province and mosques in the city

13-3- Establishing radio communications and installing inhibitory towers of the Social Security Organization

14-3- Support and operation of video surveillance cameras of Tehran Transportation and Terminals Office

15-3- Sale of radio equipment of Zamzam Shargh Company

16-3- Sale of radio equipment of Tehran Municipality Information and Communication Technology Organization

4- Consulting contracts

1-4- Signing a consulting and expertise contract with the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education – Deputy of Information and Communication Technology

2-4- Signing a contract for consulting the internal network of Masih Daneshvari Hospital

3-4- Tehran Municipality Cultural and Artistic Organization