Roof mast with restrained and unrestrained design (cable, corner or pipe)

The height of this type of masts is a maximum of 15 meters and ease of installation and the ability to move quickly are the reasons for its success in telecommunication networks.

At heights of 6 and 9 meters, it can be installed without restraint, but for heights higher than 9 meters, restraint must be performed.

Chassis area: 20 square meters (for 6 and 9 meters) and 25 square meters (for 12 and 15 meters) Load bearing capacity: 400 kg in the upper three meters Wind speed: 110 km / h .

Maximum weight per unit area (kg / m2) for the whole rig (structure set, bracing, balance blocks, telecommunication equipment) Must be a maximum of 150 kg per square meter.

Free Stand Technical Specifications

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