These masts are the oldest type of restraint masts that are anchored to the ground or other support by a restraint wire. Can be installed on the floor and roof. They are designed and produced in three and sometimes 4 bases with pipe and corner profiles. The length of separate parts, like other roof towers, is 3 meters and its maximum height is 60 meters in models designed to install data antennas and 18 meters in operators’ networks. In addition to higher height, this type of control tower can load more antennas and radios and is more popular than other models.

Technical specifications of Guyed Mast

Full body corner - non-welded
The main axis of a three- or four-sided rig
Angle braces 90 or 120 degrees
Mast height: 9 to 18 meters
Load bearing capacity: 700 kg in the upper three meters
Windshield Level (EPA): 2 to 20 square meters
Maximum wind speed: 130 km / h
Maximum height of the building where the rig is installed: 30 meters
The minimum distance between the braces is one third of the rig axis, and the maximum distance between the braces is two thirds of the height of the rig.
The length of the spare parts to be carried to the roof shall not exceed three meters.

General Drawing

Sample Picture