Prefabricated foundation (ICB) masts are types of three- or four-sided self-standing masts that are installed on prefabricated foundations. For the foundation of these masts, prefabricated compact flat concrete pieces have been used, which are emptied at the site and assembled and joined together.

Metal structures of this type of masts are designed in two types:

  • Prefabricated metal structures that are prepared in six-meter pieces with solid steel cylindrical profiles and are installed on site using cranes on the foundation.
  • Lattice structures that are designed and lightweight for installation on prefabricated foundations and, like other Lattice towers, are interwoven and raised on site. So far, two types of pipe Tower RDS (three-sided) and corner NB (four-sided) have been designed for this method.

    This method of Mast implementation has valuable advantages such as very little space occupation, elimination of foundation execution time, removal of equipment and fence foundation and very fast installation (within a few hours), which has made it widely used in telecommunication networks.

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Further Details

These types of rigs are designed and produced in different wind levels and wind speeds.

The pyramidal slope of this type of mast is a maximum of one degree and the mentioned slope can extend to the end section of the rig.

The minimum number of prefabricated foundation layers for the lightest type of these towers is 4 layers with a thickness of 30 cm.

Elimination of reinforcement time and gripping of the foundation, significant reduction of small rig parts, reduction of German deviation, high uplift speed, are the special features of this type of rig