Introduction of MDP Company

MDP started its activity in the 1998’s with the permission of the SHCI in the field of consulting, design and implementation of various computer networks, and since 1978 as one of the companies active in the field of information and communication technology and production. Manufacturer of various types of metal towers such as various types of ground and roof telecommunication towers, Steel structures for lighting and traffic, Power transmission towers. Providing technical information, design, consulting, installation and commissioning, relying on experienced experts and production machinery, has made this company known as one of the most reputable and reputable companies in the communications industry.

In 2007, MDP launched its industrial unit and is proud to be a limited member of steel structures manufacturers by observing all national and international standards, which has been able to obtain a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran. , Assembly and commissioning of various types of telecommunication towers, obtain power transmission. The use of quality raw materials and compliance with all production standards and quality control and assurance (QC & QA) has caused the company’s products to stand out among the manufacturing companies, as one of the best.

Meeting the needs of the communications industry, offering innovative innovations and products, easy access to new technologies and providing services around the clock have also added to this credibility, so that now the MDP provides equipment, installation, commissioning and support for many Responsible for large public and private bodies.

Due to the great need of the Iranian market for reliable products in the field of network equipment and the shortage of these products, the foreign trade unit of the company is ready to supply specialized equipment for wired and wireless networks in telecommunications, oil, gas and petrochemical industries despite international sanctions. Has.

MDP Company is also proud to have specialized and technical groups in the field of designing various types of Steel towers, transmission networks and network communication and implementation of A to Z telecommunication sites in and out of the city, the needs of many relevant organizations. Has raised.

In order to get more acquainted with the internal structure of the MDP, below we have briefly introduced the different units of this company.

Industrial production unit

The company’s factory is located in one of the best industrial towns of Iran in an area of ​​more than 5000 square meters.

Using all kinds of automatic and semi-automatic machines and organizing production along with establishing a quality control unit (QC) as well as establishing a quality assurance system (QA) while employing experienced and young and experienced personnel while observing the principles of production and transmission of telecommunication towers. According to EIA / TIA-222-F standard and ASTM A123 galvanized standard, it is one of the strengths of this unit. All production personnel under the supervision of quality control experts are required to comply with all standards, including welding, cutting, punching, etc.

The design and engineering group of the company in this unit, using specialized software such as PLS-Cad, PLS-Tower, ISRISA-Tower, STAAD PRO, performs technical calculations at the request of the customer and submits it to the drawing unit so that the map To be produced.

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Special projects unit

All stages of design,consulting,monitoring,feasibility and needs assessment
and providing comprehensive solutions are defined in the specific projects
of this company.

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Commercial Unit

Responsible for researching international markets and finding companies and goods needed in the country and concluding contracts and purchasing goods from foreign companies.

Supply of goods by the company’s domestic and foreign trade chain during the economic sanctions of the last few years has been one of the prominent activities of this unit.

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Sales Dept.:

The cornerstone and driver of the company’s long-term goals and the beating heart of any company is the sales unit of that company. The sales department of processors is responsible for this important task by using experienced personnel in sales.


Marketing Unit (Marketing Dept.):

The company’s marketing department is responsible for finding new domestic and foreign markets, introducing the capabilities and capabilities of the company and advertising.

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Support Dept.:

Concluding support contracts and providing online and round-the-clock services in all areas of the network and training users is one of the duties of this unit.


After sales service unit

MDP Company is obliged to provide after-sales service services on all its manufactured and imported products, because providing appropriate services after each sale guarantees the survival of a company’s name and reputation, so the company’s after-sales service unit By passing training and specialized courses in this matter, it is ready to provide very good service to dear customers.

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Research and Development Unit (R&D):

Studying new technologies, publishing specialized materials and holding training classes to increase the knowledge of the company’s staff, as well as presenting scientific articles and attending specialized meetings and seminars are the duties of this unit.

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