Narrow Base small ground self-standing masts (called NB masts) are one of the new types of Lattice self-support ground masts, which due to very little space, have a triangular or quadrangular base and use sections. Open (corner) is widely used in telecommunication network.

Technical Specifications

These types of rigs are three-sided or four-sided full-angle with non-welded connection

At heights of 24 to 54 meters and windbreak surfaces and different wind speeds are designed and even produced with standard steel elements.

The pyramidal slope of this type of Towers is a maximum of one degree and in the upper section (end six meters) the slope of the Towers is zero.

The maximum width of the base of this type of masts (in the type of 36 meters) is 1.8 meters and the minimum width of the upper base in all types of NB masts is one meter.

Absence of welding elements, significant reduction of twist and deviation of elements, ease of moving parts, ease and speed in installing the rig and the ability to load telecommunication elements on the face of the rig, are the special features of this type of rig.

General Drawing