Network optimization

Wide Area Network (WAN) is another type of network in terms of geographical area and, as its name suggests, covers a larger network and geographical area, such as a city, province or even a country that It uses the transfer facilities of public service providers such as telecommunication companies for better coverage.

Standard design of infrastructure has a significant impact on the success of the use of computer networks that if the standard is not designed, we will incur high costs for maintenance and adaptation to the required conditions and requirements.

Due to the importance of networks, their design and implementation should be done in accordance with the needs of the organization and its long-term goals, as well as reducing the costs of optimization and re-implementation. Among the services offered by the online company NetNet are as follows

Services performed in the field of network optimization

Design of structured networks based on TIA / EIA standards
Design and implementation of various Active Network services
Network infrastructure design based on layered architecture and CISCO equipment, Foundry
Switching and configuration of equipment
Analyze the needs of the organization and launch the corresponding services based on Microsoft and Linux systems
Monitoring and controlling the performance of network services
Implementation, quality control and compliance with the design performed
Consulting and monitoring the implementation
Purchase network equipment

Centralized user management

Due to the need for full management and monitoring of users in order to increase the level of network security and prevent information from leaving the organization, as well as increase network efficiency and reduce network implementation and support costs, organizations need a tool for centralized control and management. Are users. The following are some of the capabilities of centralized management in the organization:

Apply the desired policies of the organization (based on the policies applicable in (Windows Domain) on users’ computers
Ability to connect remotely to users’ computers

Provide various reports (hardware, software and security, etc.) from computers in the organization

Review and optimization of existing telecommunication networks
Design and implementation of analog and digital telecommunication networks
Design and implementation of telecommunication networks based on IP-PBX technology
Optimize existing structures and increase the capacity of existing networks
Support and maintenance of various telecommunication networks
buying equipment
Review and optimization of existing telecommunication and infrastructure networks

Pardazgaran Asr Information Company, according to the needs of customers and by providing solutions related to services and services related to WAN and LAN networks, according to the world’s reputable products and brands and the possibility of providing the required equipment is based on this readiness. Cisco and Forti Net products, as well as Juniper products, offer solutions related to secure communications on WANs.

Comprehensive solutions and information security standards

Optimization of IP and communication infrastructure
Review Proxy, Cache, NAT, Routing
Consulting and designing network security policies
Select appropriate standards, design security methods and guidelines
Provide and configure Honeypot, Firewall, NIDS, HIDS, encryption and VPN
Assessing risks and vulnerabilities and analyzing the selection of appropriate controllers
Optimization of servers, clients, website and network environment of the organization
Network Security Emergency Service Agreements
Optimization of Cache, NAT, Proxy, IP and routing networks
Advice on choosing the right security standards
Advice on defining and applying guidelines and executive instructions for information security
Test the strength of systems by trying to break them
Advice; Design, implementation of a comprehensive information security management system based on the ISO 27001 standard
Security Policy
Creating the core of the Organization of Information Security
Assets Management
Risk Management
Human Resource Security
Physical and Environmental Security
Communications and Operations Management
Access Control
Creating, upgrading and maintaining Information Systems (Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Maintenance)
Information Security Incident Management
Review and optimize existing networks in organizations

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