Roof towers are two types of restraint towers that are implemented and installed penetrating on the roof structure and in the corner of the building

The retaining brackets of this type of masts are of solid type (Solid / Fix Guyed) and are installed in two positions with an angle of 90 degrees to the rig axis.

Technical Specifications

The main axis of the rig: tubular Mast restraints: angle or pipe (adjustable) Angle braces 90 degrees Mast height of the rig: 3 to 15 meters Load bearing capacity: 700 kg in the upper three meters Windshield Level (EPA): 2 to 12 meters Maximum wind speed: 130 km / h Maximum height of the building where the rig is installed: 30 meters The minimum distance of the braces from the axis of the rig is one third and the maximum distance of the braces is two thirds of the height of the rig. The length of the spare parts to be carried to the roof should not exceed three meters.