Supply of equipment

Interruptions in network work and reduced efficiency will cause irreparable damage to the organization. Continuous maintenance and support of computer networks is one of the essential requirements for the optimal use of their maximum capacities and requires a lot of expertise and skills to solve problems quickly and in a timely manner.

Design and implementation of network hardware equipment, including switches, routers, firewalls and passive equipment, design and implementation of network software services under Windows and Linux operating systems according to the needs of the organization, providing solutions and consulting to organizations and administrative institutions And commercial and religious using a group of consultants with university and international degrees, hardware support and computer networks of institutions and factories using part-time staff are among the services that will be provided by us.

Services performed in the field of Supply of equipment

Consulting in providing facilities and equipment needed to expand or organize the network
Establish network security and existing equipment
Make settings on manageable switches
Check the structure used for network IP addresses
Make settings on hardware and software firewalls
Make the necessary settings on the router
Establish network monitoring methods and provide software for monitoring active network equipment
Check network resources for backup
Provide and set up equipment needed to back up data within the network
Establishing software services on the network
Check the police on the network and apply the necessary police
Establish network sharing systems
Evaluate databases within the network and organize, support and monitor them

Other services performed in the field of Supply of equipment

Installation of local and construction networks
Installation of office networks based on Microsoft Windows products
Structured cabling for local area networks with fiber optics, cat5 and cat6 cables
Installation of wired and wireless telecommunications and Wireless and Leased Line and…
Provide professional and semi-professional equipment for local and wide area networks
Provide the necessary equipment for data transmission technologies such as wireless and satellite systems
Installation and commissioning of special network and Internet services such as establishing VPN systems under the Internet, e-mail system “Public” or internal “Private”, web services and file transfer, remote access services to the network and. . .
Installation of ISP Internet servers with Microsoft Windows based products
Design and implementation of MnM network management and monitoring projects: Management & Monitoring
Set up centralized systems under the network for Anti-Virus & Back-up

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