The list of the largest telecommunications companies in the world in 2018 has been published, which shows that American and Chinese operators have taken the first to third places.


According to ISNA, according to a report in Forbes magazine, a list of major companies and telecommunications operators in the world has been reported and published, which shows the amount of revenue, profitability and market value of those companies based on the volume and amount of contracts. They are.

AT&T, Verizon and China Mobile are ranked first to third on the list.

1. AT&T: USA

Revenue: $ 159 billion

Profitability: 31 billion

Market value: $ 198 billion

۲. Verizon Company: USA

Revenue: $ 128 billion

Profitability: $ 31 billion

Market value: $ 201 billion


3. China Mobile Company: China and Hong Kong

Revenue: $ 109 billion

Profitability: $ 17 billion

Market value: $ 201 billion


Other companies are in the following categories:


4. Softbank Company: Japan

5. Nippon Company: Japan

6. Deutsche Telekom Company: Germany

7. Telenica Company: Spain

8. KDDI Company: Japan

9. China Telecom Company: China

10. Orange Company: France