Road plan self-standing masts, to all types of three- or four-sided self-standing masts (Wide Base Lattice) refers to the fact that sufficient space for installing equipment under them, providing a suitable fence and roof along with the rig, the possibility of access and fall of equipment on the equipment is limited.

General specifications of the structure:

These types of masts are three or four-sided full-angle with non-welded connection, which are designed at different heights (from 54 to 120 meters) and different wind levels and wind speeds, and are produced with standard steel elements.

The maximum width of the base of these rigs (in type 54 meters) is 5 meters and the minimum width of the upper base in all types of road rigs is one meter.

The design of the rig is such that the equipment is installed under the rig. The empty space that can be used under the mast should be for installing a telecommunication complex (minimum dimensions 3 * 3 * 3). This space must be completely enclosed, safe and impenetrable.


General Drawing