Company profile

The main idea of establishing Pardazeshgaran Asr Ettelaat Company was formed in 1999 by a number of graduates and students of technical and engineering fields in the field of information and communication technology and was registered on 6 – 12 – 2003, No: 213125 in the Companies and Non-commercial institutions Registration Office of Tehran province.

The field of activity of the company was expanded in 2016 to the production of telecommunications masts and metal structures while obtaining a license for establishment, design, construction and assembly from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade due to the expansion of the use of computers and the development of computer networks on the one hand, and entering new technologies, including mobile phones, and the need to use telecommunications masts in the network, on the other hand. Meeting the needs of the communication industry, providing innovations and reliable products, easy access to new technologies, while using high-quality primary materials and complying with manufacturing and production standards and establishing a quality assurance and control system have made mdp complete many projects in National level as an industrial and knowledge-based company.

Now, after more than two decades since the beginning of its activity, Pardazeshgaran Asr Ettelaat Company has expanded its field of activity to the following solutions with the development of technical, engineering and equipment capabilities:


Towerist is the brand name of the solution for the production of power transmission an telecommunication towers, high voltage substation structures


The HiVoip brand has been launched with the responsibility of designing and producing specialized cloud call center software and providing network and telecommunication equipment in the form of an independent unit in line with the development of new technologies and the company's IT-based approach and infrastructure.


The commercialized Metalist brand is a design & construction solution for all kinds of industrial sheds and special structures


The foreign trade solution of Pardazeshgaran Asr Ettelaat is responsible for supplying the required equipment from the international markets on the one hand and introducing and supplying the products and services of other solutions to the markets of the target countries. This department was established by obtaining a business card and membership in the Tehran Chamber of Commerce Industries Mines and Agriculture with an import and export-oriented approach.

Management message

 ای دل از پست و بلند روزگار اندیشه کن     در برومندی ز قحط برگ و بار اندیشه کن

Most of the management team of information age processors belong to the 60s, the same famous sixties that have struggled with all kinds of political, economic and social problems, and however, they have remained loyal to Iran and Salman Farsi.

Our mission and approach, while being frugal and avoiding extravagance, is to preserve and create wealth and protection from divine and national resources, employment and value creation, keeping promises, striving for the growth and prosperity of national production by relying on the knowledge and expert staff experience and continuous improvement of affairs, observance of work conscience and economic discipline in the direction of serving our beloved country and responding to customers and satisfying them and maintaining their satisfaction with extra effort and work.

بر لب بام خطر، نتوان به خواب امن رفت     ایمنی خواهی، ز اوج اعتبار اندیشه کن

¹- سلمان فارسی

Membership and certificates

سامانه مدیریت تامین کنندگان

سندیکای صنعت برق

عضویت اتاق بازرگانی

سازمان نظام صنفی رایانه ای کشور

شورای عالی انفورماتیک

جواز تاسیس


45001 ISO

ISO Activity

گواهی ایمنی و بهداشت حرفه ای HSE


MCI BM-12 approval

MCU FAC NB approval

MCI FAC RDS approval

MCI FAC Monopole approval

MCI NB-48 approval

MCI QENB approval

MCI FAC Lattice approval